Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Oh, Funny Life!

Often Life makes you answer your own questions
It’s a funny, unpredictable Life!

Can one describe one self in two lines?
Insane! Yet I asked others to do the same...
It’s an amorphous, limitless Life!

My heart beats and pounds aloud…
My heart stills and pauses in silence
And rings in me “You are a proud Mind”; the Mind is what makes one special
It’s a deep, vivacious life!

Time-Velocity-Space … O, How we drive to mock the self often…
It’s a bold-interesting life!

Be it Sunny Steam or Rainy Stream
Citius- Altius- Fortious we dream
It’s a smooth-silky life!

Walk with people and push for the horizons
It’s a rusty-adventurous life!

Not the Young – Not the Old
Not the Gun – Not the Sword
The double-edged knife is in us,
Let’s be original in our strife!

It’s a beautiful, wonderful Life!
It’s a marvelous, bounteous Life!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Complexity is Sweeter

"Complexity" is one of the things in the World that makes a man, a man that he is... a "Thinking Man".

It poses challenges, makes one stretch every grey cell and come out with profound knowledge for the World to use and to make it a better place.It even mocks the human brain of its limitations :) The hugeness of the problem area defies us and we start looking into options for tackling it and making it simpler.
If not for complexity one would never appreciate 'Simplicity'...

'Complexity' is only a first appearance of a problem… that draws our attention to it। Then we break it up to small, smaller and smallest parts - parts that are independent, parts that are related, parts that are similar so that we can absorb it and handle it better.

What makes it interesting is, there are simple parts to this complex system… simple parts which by numerous way of being related creates unfathomable boundaries, combinations and patterns. Complexity is the starting point from where we attempt to see things simpler.
Best things in life are “Simple” things, and in an urge to find the Simple Great Truth we need to tackle “Complexity”।

Simplicity is sweet… Complexity is Sweeter :)

Friday, May 4, 2007

My Space

How nice it is to get my own web space!! :)

Today (05-May-07) early in the morning (6:00 AM :)) I was thinking about "Information Overload"...

I had never loved reading until I took a look at the wealth of information in my college library, office library and on Internet. Slowly I realized how important it is to read... How much I have been clouded in my own thoughts...

Suddenly again, I feel frightened - "Am I accepting all that I read...??"
What is written is only author's opinion on a subject. What is required of me is to decide for myself as to what is right and what is wrong. In short I need to sift the information that I get :) and have my viewpoint.

Now on I will also write, & read and read & write and on... and on... and on...
For I have got my own space :)